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Have you ever had that nightmare moment where you spill a lovely hot cup of coffee on someone else’s carpet? Well I have, and it was a whole cup. And the carpet was cream.

As a fully-fledged associate of the carpet care industry, each and every day I am actively in contact with contented homeowners who take pride in their living space by maintaining the cleanliness and quality of their carpets, rugs and upholstery. Their reward for doing so is the possession of fresh and durable soft furnishings which for some, deceivingly, are decades old yet aesthetically appear good as new. Most essentially though, many would argue, is that taking care to create a living environment that is clean and damage-free works wonders for our headspace, especially when there’s a consistent theme of disarray acting as the backdrop to daily life. To this end, Better Protect is here to help…

In fact, there have been numerous occasions where I’ve thrown all manner of foodstuffs onto the carpets of my unsuspecting friends, from chocolate cake to mugs of steaming hot chocolate (on reflection, perhaps the main issue is being a tad overexcited when due to consume chocolate?). Quite often it has been when the friend whom the carpet belongs to has been out of the room, resulting in that fleeting temptation to either remove or hide the evidence before they return in a very speedy and subtle act of stealth. I never quite manage to actually do so, and instead I’m subjected to the mocking taunt of ‘well done, Jen’, made all the more embarrassing when it’s a chorus of several friends in a group-hang situation. I’m left with my tail between my legs, hoping that I haven’t caused any permanent damage to their formerly beautiful carpet. In instances such as these, sometimes the stain can be removed. Sometimes not.

As of this autumn our brilliant, resilient protective treatment is available for sale. Don’t leave your carpets and soft furnishings unprotected, vulnerable to spills and susceptible to staining. Use Better Protect to keep your living space free from potential damage, and enjoy the peace of mind bestowed to you as our little gift. Head over to Facebook and Twitter, give us a ‘like’ and say hello. Plus, if you have any stories about wreaking havoc on someone else’s carpet, do send them in so I can be reassured that I’m not the clumsiest one of the lot of us.

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